Meanwhile on Earth

News from around the world that will surely change your perspective on society. Faith in humanity restored or lost? You decide.

How can you fault a couple of kids wanting to get fancy? Tennagers get Fancy at McDonalds

Remind me to get on my neighbors’ good side: Man flings rocks at neighbors with tractor

This guy is not allowed to show up at my wedding (he’ll make me look bad): Pitt crashes wedding reception

You know how you make fun of that friend who has a Smart Car? Here’s why: Sinkhole swallows Smart Car

Tuition bills are high. Would you do this to pay your way through college? Man eats for his education

Ever wonder where people have been seeing Bigfoot? Me neither, but here’s a cool map: Map of Bigfoot Sightings

When your house is torn down along with your stash, you have to find a way to just chill out: Free Marijuana Given to Colorado Flood Victims

If I had this type of schooling, I’d be the next Diplo. I swear: Babies Enrolled in DJ School

The perfect heist, except this guy’s an idiot: Man Forgets Keys to Getaway Car

Don’t defecate on public property, especially if you work for the public: Firefighters Poop on Floor of Amusement Park

Can our rugby team do this? Women’s Rugby Teams Play for 24 Hours Straight

If everyone does this in Germany, I need to make a trip over there ASAP: Train passenger leaves behind gold bars and banknotes

This could be taken in different ways, depending on his intentions: Man Carjacks Ambulance with Patient

Educate yourself, people: Which is better, Obamacare or Affordable Care Act?

I see a” Bee”-Movie in the making: Giant Hornets Killing in China

As a little kid, did you ever fear this was going to happen? Grandfather Picks up Wrong Girl from School

I know this is wrong, but my gosh is it funny: Woman Receives ‘300’ Treatment After Holding up Train

OK, I really thought the lunch lady at my school was doing this too: School Official Steals Lunch Money

You should try this out next time: Is Sprite the New Hangover Cure?

If this doesn’t make you sweat, I don’t know what will: Crazy New Parkour Video

For all of you living on the 1st or 2nd floor of an apartment complex: Man Shoots Neighbor Through Floor

I’ve never understood the infatuation with cats on the Internet, but here’s a video of them: Cats vs. a Cardboard Fort

Does this sound like your family environment? Dad Shoots at Daughter’s Friend

OK, in addition to this site, here are 7 other cool ones: 7 Sites to Waste your Time

For all you Jolly Rancher lovers: keep the candy hidden: Jolly Ranchers Confused for Meth Rocks

This principal could not have done more to educate his students about the real world: Principal Steals Over $100,000 from School

This is to good. Does this sound like you? Man Runs Back into Burning House to Save Beer

This is real, y’all: Bacon Scented Notifications for Smartphone

I mean, sometimes food is just too expensive: Man Fakes Seizures to Get Out of Tab

Well, this is “cool”- Man Hides in Freezer to Scare and Rob

Man’s got to eat: Man Busted for Selling Stolen Chick-Fil-A Cosutmes

This is why I don’t like wildlife: Deer Partially Blinds Man

Watch what you put on social media, young’ns: Instagram Photo Lands Arrest after Fast Food Splurge


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