Things to Do when Starting Class

4 things to do when starting class- Eric Boshart

Yes, we make lists too. It’s not like I want to, it’s just the thing to do. I can’t not think in lists anymore. Mankind’s dire necessity to list and categorize dates all the way back to Aristotle, and I am no different (equating Aristotle to me is the most insane thing I’ve ever done).

Anyway, remember when we tried to stay relevant? This is our attempt.

1. Pick out a prime seat.

There’s still time! The seat you picked out on the first day of class doesn’t have to be permanent. After a couple of weeks, it will be. But until then, test the waters and see what you like best. Get there a couple of minutes early. Not only will the professor think you’re just being studious, but you will also get choices. Isn’t that what we want in life? Isn’t that the point of college? And if someone says that you’re in their seat, ask them if they called early and made a reservation for one.

By: Katie Mathias

By: Katie Mathias


2. Identify which days to look best.

Got two classes on some days and only one class on others? Where that new sweater on the two-class days; mathematically, more people will see you as you want them to see you than the others that you just have one class with. But there’s a flipside to this. You want to look your best in classes that have the most attractive opposite sex. Scope out the joint and make sure you aren’t wearing your paint-crusted hoodie and sweatpants with your dream guy/girl there. Then again, you can’t get much more comfortable than sweatpants. Hell, do whatever you want, this one doesn’t matter.


3. Don’t buy the book unless it’s completely necessary.

I can’t tell you how many books I’ve bought that I’ve ended up never using. You end up questioning the course, your major, your undergraduate college choice, and ultimately your life. Don’t question your life. Just ask the professor if it’s absolutely required. I once got a B in a Calculus class that I didn’t buy the book for even though we did problem sets out of the book. I just kind of didn’t do them, and I got away with an above-average grade. I’m as smart as like, Aristotle.

By: Katie Mathias

By: Katie Mathias

4. Establish relationships with professors.

I didn’t mean to get all serious; this isn’t Networking 101. But if you treat professors like human beings, they’ll treat you like a human as well. What a concept. They want to be your friend, and having professors as friends is literally the coolest thing to do on campus. Don’t pay attention to athletes or attractive people or the smartest students on the planet; if you buddy up with a PhD with more connections than Berlusconi and the mafia, you’re a gangster.


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