New Year’s Revolution

New Year’s Revolution- Nick Fuentes

We’re about 3 weeks into a hopeful 2014 and the realization that the goals we all set for ourselves are either too ambitious or require more effort than anticipated is becoming clearer. The qualified interns at Fool’s Gold did some research, indicating that by week 3 of “resolution season” almost 70% of New Year’s goals are abandoned or replaced with a more realistic resolution to continue to burn through seasons of hit T.V. shows on Netflix.


Luckily, F.G. has some advice to help the loyal readers maintain their goals and improve their 2014.

1. Use some reverse psychology:

If saying you’ll go to the gym more results in you creating every excuse imaginable to avoid a much needed sweat sesh, try setting a goal of sitting on your couch. Maybe after three weeks of motionlessness, you’ll give the treadmill a try. If not, at least you accomplished the goal of the couch life… which often equates to the single/forever alone life (keep that in mind).


2. Stop setting such high goals:

We all fall victim to reaching for the stars; sometimes it turns out for the best and other times we just set ourselves up for failure, often a failure that ends up on Youtube with 3 million views and a life of shame. Take Fool’s Gold for example, we tried to be a revolutionary comedy magazine and fell victim to dreaming too big. So speaking from experience, try setting goals that are small; if you want to read more, forget about books. There are too many pages and big words. Instead, start with reading more Fool’s Gold. You’ll be better because of it and you’ll have met your goal. Then next year you can try to read well published books. Why do this year what you can put off until next year, right?



3. Give up on the “New Year, New Me” mindset:

Most of us aren’t wired to think a year in advance and even less so to plan for how to implement resolutions into a year that has yet to happen. Our daily habits are what define who we are and how we live our lives, so the New Year mindset is crippling in itself. Each day requires attention and focus to make the right decisions, like going to the gym or assaulting the snooze button when your alarm sounds. To conquer our resolutions we must begin with conquering our day and breaking the habits that would hinder accomplishing those. Eventually, with a little effort, you’ve created a new and beneficial habit. Thinking about how we are going to change our year starts with changing our days. After 365ish days you’ll see your resolutions realized.

Hopefully, at least one of those tips is helpful. If not, maybe knowing that our Chief Editor Boshart is working each day to overcome his alcoholism using these same tips and is seeing great results. Here’s to a great 2014 readers, let’s make it a good one.


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