Midterm Revelations

Midterm Revelations- Eric Boshart

If you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t received a grade that you are genuinely proud of. At this point, a 50 is “getting better.” You keep on telling yourself that you’ll hit a wake-up call when the next test is 8 out of 100. And I’m here to tell you that your wake-up call should have hit after the first “Let’s talk” by your professor. Admit it; he/she gave you the paper and stared at you as you discovered your failure. After shrugging and stuffing the paper in your backpack, the professor sighed and proceeded to that kid behind you that gets more A’s than the guy on Wheel of Fortune who always buys a vowel (there’s an example of making a joke that’s for people 50 years above the target audience).


After that excuse of a paper, you went back to your apartment/dorm, cracked open a beer (dorm residents read: soda), and resumed your DVR playback of all the Tom & Jerry episodes. For all you Windows phone users, there’s a free app that contains all of them, commercial free (I’m on episode 121). The next project rolls around, but you still aren’t worrying. After all, how hard can Pilates class be?


Yet you still manage to mess it up, forcing your professor to think you have the worst study (and health) habits in the history of St. Ed’s. While that may be true, your professor doesn’t need to know.

I want you to know that I completely feel your pain. When it comes to deciding between conversing with friends over $1 day-old snicker doodles and helplessly hunching over in the arctic library, the choice seems obvious. Seriously though, why are my fingers hurting as I type this? This library needs to relax.

I understand when your natural response to a bad grade is going on your computer and planning your getaway to Istanbul in hopes of finding yourself in that awesome-looking mosque. You can ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ that United Airlines Facebook “Win a Trip” photo along with the other 168,563,296 people, but it’s not going to erase your problems immediately.

The fact is, you won’t go to Istanbul without some money (you aren’t winning that trip), so you might as well get good grades so you can see that diploma. And the grades won’t come without sitting down and talking with your professors to see what y’all can do together to make it work.

There’s nothing wrong with failure; the problem lies within not responding to it. I know I sound like a commencement speaker, but as a senior, I practically am (not) one. Don’t let December come around to find yourself sitting in your childhood bedroom trying to make sense not only of the coloring book you got for Christmas, but also the finals you just took that may or may have not been in Mandarin. No matter what grade you are in, I’m imploring that it matters.

I just applied to a scholarship for grad school in the UK, and they requested a transcript from my high school years taking dual-credit classes at a local college. I never went to those classes! If I don’t get this scholarship because I was a high school junior who had a girlfriend who would rather get ice cream than go to pre-calculus, I’m going to look like an idiot. She’s now my ex, and she will be surprised when she reads a rant I send her over Facebook explaining how evil ice cream is.

The point is, now’s the time to pick yourself up by your boot straps (.0002% of St. Edward’s wears boots) and get some work done. You’re smart since you’re at this school, so it’s time to start acting like it.


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