Week 10

Week 10 Predictions- Zach Busby

Washington Redskins @ Minnesota Vikings– If you or your grandma checked Twitter this week, you saw how I picked this game correctly. Yeah, the Redskins were coming off a huge upset over the Chargers, and yeah the Vikings were 1-7. But I looked at this game with my heart, and I knew the Vikings could not lose this one too. Need we forget they were a playoff team last season.

My predicted score was Vikings win 27-20


Seattle Seahawks @ Atlanta Falcons– Yeah, the Seahawks almost lost last week to the Buccaneers. But when a team hasn’t won a game all season, and they are playing the best team in their conference, crappy teams look at that game as their Super Bowl. Now, Atlanta is having as disappointing as a season as Tampa, which means they might look at this game as their Super Bowl as well. All this delusion can be, and definitely is in this case, quite depressing. I don’t see Seattle losing this one, and that makes me happy.

Seattle wins 25-19


Cincinnati Bengals @ Baltimore Ravens– It feels like forever since I looked online and contemplated buying that Joe Flacco jersey. I thought he would always play the way he played during the playoffs last season. Why is it that the Ravens got rid of some of their best players after they won the big one? Like seriously, why let Ray Lewis retire? The Bengals are an enigma. Mostly because of their quarterback, who at times appears to have a soul, and other times, just like some red head who likes to throw picks to Dan Marino’s old team.

Bengals win 28-21


Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears– GAME OF THE WEEK ALERT! That’s right. Read it. I wrote it. This game will determine who wins the NFC North this season, that’s a Fool’s Gold Guarantee; a FGG. So who do I think will win the North? Well baby birds, just read a little bit longer, and you’ll get the food knowledge you want. It won’t be very long, and I will reveal to you who I, the Sports Guy, the guy who has only missed one Thursday Night game prediction this season, believe will win this division that is usually dominated by the Packers.

Lions win 34-29


Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers– Well, Nick Foles threw seven touchdowns last week. Yeah football world, Nick Foles tied a record that Peyton Manning magnificently tied in week one of this season. When Peyton did it, I started to believe in football magic again. But when Nicholas managed to do it, I was just like, “Really, Nick Foles threw seven touchdowns? I guess God found his new Tim Tebow.” This situation is just like the time I almost joined that cult, mostly because I look so good in all-white, but I didn’t drink the Kool-Aid then, and I’m not drinking it now. I only like cherry Kool-Aid. The NFL misses Aaron Rodgers, and I can’t wait for him to return.

Yeah but the Eagles win 32-20


St. Louis Rams @ Indianapolis Colts– Oh gosh I want the Rams to win. Sorry for using harsh language there, but I just can’t censor my feelings. I think the Rams can do it, I think they want to do it, but I don’t think they will. The Rams will probably jump out to an early lead, get my Titan’s hopes way up, only to have them thrashed by Andrew Luck’s unfortunate late game skills.

Colts win 29-22


Oakland Raiders @ New York Giants– Arguably the most boring game of the season. Definitely the most boring game of the week. The Raiders will bring their boring faces to New York, where things are supposed to be exciting, but the Giants will dull out their boring playbook and make the Big Apple look like a Small Apricot. Terrell Pryor is pretty cool though, right? I mean like, he runs, he throws and stuff.

Giants win 19-14


Buffalo Bills @ Pittsburgh Steelers– Things are getting so bad in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania that Big Ben wants to be traded after this season. With that kind of distraction taking place in the locker room, how can we expect for this game to be even a shred of fun to watch. My favorite rookie quarterback, EJ Manuel, is finally back. Thaddeus, I will miss your weekly adventures, but it’s time to give the keys back to the man. And that man will lead the Bills to like a couple of touchdowns.

Bills win 21-12


Jacksonville Jaguars @ Tennessee Titans– I don’t know if my readers are able to tell, but my favorite team is the Titans. I’ve loved them since before my conception, back when they were still the Oilers. It was my destiny to love them more than life, and I am slowly starting to fulfill that destiny. The Jaguars haven’t won a game since 2007 or something, and I hope they don’t win until they move to London, and there is a good chance that neither of those things will ever happen.

Titans win 34-7


Carolina Panthers @ San Francisco 49ers– Two of the most athletic quarterbacks to ever play the game will watch two other athletic quarterbacks go head to head today. Russell Wilson and Mike Vick will watch Cam Newton and Colin Kaepernick. The Panthers are my dark horse team to make the Super Bowl this year, against the Titans of course, and if they win this game, then my predicting is getting really good.

Panthers win 26-20


Houston Texans @ Arizona Cardinals– It was pretty surreal to see Gary Kubiak go down last week, and it really put the game in perspective. I’ve poked fun at Gary numerous times, but that’s only because I don’t believe he is a good head coach. My opinion of his coaching says nothing about the character this man possesses, and the way his players reacted afterwards proves to me that he has many redeemable qualities. Get better soon, Gary. You will never catch me doing this again, but I am picking the Houston Texans this week.

Texans win 27-19


Denver Broncos @ San Diego Chargers– I do not believe the Broncos are the best team in the NFL. That title belongs to the Titans. But I do believe that the Broncos are a better team than the Chargers. The fact that they lost last week to the Redskins proves to me that the ghost of Norv Turner still haunts their play calling tendencies. This is a match-up of the two best quarterbacks in the NFL at the moment, so look for a lot of points and a lot of Phillip Rivers jawing at the Broncos secondary, telling them that they are not very good football players.

Broncos win 37-28


Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints– I feel like these two teams are perpetually getting ready to play each other. I really don’t care who wins; these two teams are genuinely some of my least favorite teams. And the only reason I am the least bit hesitant to pick the Saints is because Eric Boshart is a Cowboys fan, and I respect his fanhood. But the Saints are just so much better, man, I’m sorry.

Saints win 27-24


Miami Dolphins @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers– This is going to be a trashy game. I think that right now, as it stands, these are two of the worst organizations in the NFL. This is yet another example of how the NFL is horrible at picking relevant Monday Night games. A little bit of advice, the Titans always.

Buccaneers get their first win 23-18


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