Too Long

The Mexican Polar Bear- Ive lost count of what day it is- Nick Fuentes

Being that the Helltop is located in Texas, most of our assignments involve improving Texas. No one at this school advises that any student live in any other state other than Texas (the taxes are apparently outrageous in California). So last week we were assigned with creating a plan for improving the protection of the Texas-Mexican border. It was a partner project so I was able to at least mooch off of someone else’s idea. I was excited until I found out what his idea for improving the Texas border was.

My partner was trying to kill two birds with one stone so he combined efforts to save the dying polar bear species with protecting the Texas border. He believed despite the polar bears’ need for a cool environment, evolution would run its course and create the Mexican Polar Bear if we were to place the them in the Texas southern valley.  The massive polar bear has a food scarcity issue, and the individuals hopeful of coming to America for a better life would serve as food (in his opinion).

“The plan: Create a giant fence to keep those blood thirsty bastards out of the U.S., and it could also serve as containment for the bears.”- My partner

The bears would roam the border, seeking food… human or non-human. His justification was that no one would try to cross the border if hungry bears were wildly hunting along the Rio Grande. We got an A. I wasn’t surprised; I could tell when we were presenting our idea to the class that we had hit a home run when the professor gave us a standing ovation. He even suggested lions as an alternative, being that they come from more heated environments. The Helltop is really starting to scare me.

Also when my partner said his plan was the “Mexican Polar Bear,” I pictured a polar bear in a sombrero eating nachos.

Until next time, faithful journal.



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