Day 44

Day 44 – Midterm Meltdown- Nick Fuentes

My textbooks have finally arrived, just shy of being of some use for my midterm exams. Incidentally, scouring the web for the best deal on textbooks was my first attempt at applying the philosophies of St. Edward’s: “be more prudent in your purchasing decisions and find the best deal,” they said. Well, they did not say a thing about the cheapest textbooks taking almost a month and a half to be delivered. In hindsight, maybe using was not my best decision, but still if it wasn’t for all these business pros pressuring me to save money, I would never have attempted to use such a shady textbook retailer.

Like I said though, my books arrived too late for me to have a chance to study the material before midterm exams. Needless to say, my week was pretty rough and my hopes of passing my exams died by Monday. It didn’t help that the United States government decided to have an internal catfight and shut down. The Helltop has never been more energized actually. To Toppers, the shutdown was the best thing to happen since Texas amended its state constitution to restrict an individual state income tax. I still haven’t figured out why that makes Texans so happy, plus I know for a fact that my receipt from Earthbound had taxes applied. EXPLAIN THAT TO ME, TEXAS!  (Seriously, someone please explain it to me. I’ve learned an ungodly amount of information concerning taxation and Republican viewpoints in Texas and have gained no understanding.)

So obviously St. Edward’s took the government shutdown very well, to the point of welcoming Senator Ted Cruz to speak on the matter. A mandatory assembly of Helltoppers gathered in the Mabee Ballroom and then I blacked out from the shock of so much approval for shutting down the government.  When I came to, there was a line that had formed over me and stretched from the back of the ballroom all the way to the stage, where Cruz was signing autographs and taking pictures.

Other than all of the excitement of blindly circling answers on tests I had no preparation for and the Topper-approved government shutdown, my week was pretty uneventful. I should have most of my grades by tomorrow, and I’m fairly certain I have a pop quiz coming my way in my Legal class. Now that I have the books, things should start looking better for me, a prisoner of the Helltop.

Damn it! These textbooks are three editions older than the ones my syllabi list.


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