Day 27

Day 27 – No Place for a Partier- Nick Fuentes

I’ve spent almost a month here on the Helltop, and I’ve managed to only make a couple of friends. All of them have the same sensation to let loose that I have been feeling for some time now. The primal instinct of a college student is to sleep less, eat unhealthily, and, most importantly, party. To be honest, I think I might be the result of a party my parents both attended 19 years ago.  As a Lefterson, partying is in my blood. Which is why we decided to go try our chances with the other university in town to see what kind of party we could find. Up until this point in my life I had only heard of the University of Texas from western movies and cowboy folklore. Now I can say I’ve found myself and two other friends on the UT campus and partying with all of the Longhorns. And I’m hooked. I’ve never been the frat party type, but we had a hell of a time drunkenly participating in all the Fraterrific festivities.

I wouldn’t have to turn to such a place to party if this Helltop would loosen up a bit. No one here wants to invite 30-50 people (who will also invite 30-50 people) over to their apartment or house, only to have their home destroyed. Sure the cops would probably be called if a student of St. Edward’s were to throw a party, but who hasn’t had the cops called on them before? Apparently not any Helltoppers, and since most of them aren’t 21, they won’t even think about alcohol, just another fear of cops and the law. I think it has something to do with their belief in no government regulation.

Everyone here could use a drink, though.  I did try to throw a party in my dorm room the other day and it was a massive success. If you count me and zero other people attending, enough booze left untouched to fill the fountain behind main building, and a 10 pm shutdown time as a massive success. Yeah, no one wanted to attend my “David Lefterson Throws a Massive Party in Room 207 Extravaganza,” except for UPD. Which explains the 10 pm shutdown. I still never figured out how they got word of my party. Thank goodness I was the only one there; it was easy to cover up my intentions to party after I used Wrightinger’s closet to store the beer.

Where does a guy go to find a good venue to turn the music up, turn the lights down, let the booze flow, and all the negative go? Where do Hilltopers go to get away from the Calculus, the professors, and this Helltop?

The lack of partying on campus is now officially on my radar and I plan to get to the bottom of plenty cheap vodka containers to loosen up the party poopers. For now, I need to go to the library (the most happening place on campus) to finish a paper. Side Note: The library is always packed with students and the closest thing to a party I’ve experienced is quietly jammed into those newly assembled walls (assembled like a prison, by the way).


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