Day 1

Day 1- The Great Red Lie- Nick Fuentes

My name is David Lefterson; I am the valedictorian of the graduating senior class of 2013 of Memorial Heights Arts Academy of San Francisco, California. I should mention that valedictorians are often referred to as the “Lead Role” among the alumni and students at M.H.A.A. of S.F, CA.

This is my first day here on the Hilltop and nothing is as it seemed in the brochures. I suspected something was strange when I was offered a scholarship to join the Theater program at St. Edward’s University. I didn’t apply or even know of this school’s existence until I received that letter in the mail. Only until now am I realizing that this unknown school, in the hellish heat of Texas, is one massive brain-washing machine with very sound financials. However, it is not nearly sound enough to fund a proper Theater program; I’ve heard most of the money is used on one incredible marketing program.

I was tricked; this university lures free thinking individuals like me to their demise with promises of a new tomorrow and a haven for environmental protectionists. There are no recycling bins; earth is not a priority here. There is no dining other than a barbecue smokehouse used to starve the vegetarians into carnivorous habits, and business professional is the only type of wardrobe these people partake in. The faculty and staff have begun their attempts to indoctrinate me and the rest of the new incoming freshman class into the most right-wing conservative beliefs I have ever heard. So far, I remain strong. However, watching four documentaries about the great reign of George W. Bush was rather trying; and it was a set of documentaries (like someone took the time to put nine plus hours of footage together expressing how amazing his great reign was) titled The Great Reign of George W. Bush.

To say I feel betrayed is nothing short of the statement of the century. All I thought about on this day was the great anticipation to attend this school that washed over me after orientation. Yes, Hell on the Hilltop was not such a hell during those two short days. Two very short days of Heaven on the Hilltop. We began that cool day in the middle of May with a multitude of ice breakers, all designed to make each apprehensive soul feel warm and welcomed. We participated in another ice breaker during the first day of classes; it was nothing like what we did during orientation. It was called Accounting. We were told to divulge as much of our past financial decisions as we could remember and those numbers were inserted into an excel spreadsheet. Each person of my class was scrutinized for the lack of solid financial consideration they had taken prior to arrival at St. Edward’s University. Needless to say, I do not feel as if the ice was broken with that game.

I plan to get to the bottom of all this, so until then I will continue my stay here in hell. For now I will record my thoughts in this journal. Though, I do not receive much free time for writing independently, which is why I say, “I’m going to work on the accounts receivables,” to gain a little alone time without cause for suspicion. Also I do not know what accounts receivables are; I just heard someone say it earlier and it seems to work.

The act must go on but for now I must retire. Tomorrow is business card day.


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