Fans of Losing

Fans of Losing- Nick Fuentes

Editor’s Note: This is to all you fans who really can’t catch a break with your team. You know who you are.

There is a certain rush that comes over a person when witnessing their favorite sports team beat the other team with only seconds to spare. The excitement of a win for your team can be the start to a great night of partying or a good night’s sleep. The latter of the two outcomes only comes about because you know that you at least don’t have to defend your team’s losing performance in the morning. This is something that a lot of fans feel the pressures of, knowing that, regardless of the outcome of a sporting event, your own reputation is tied to the team’s win-loss record. The more blatant you are about how big of a fan you are, the more humiliating it is to face your friends after a loss. With that, we have the fundamental rule of what it is to be a fan, ride or die, you stick with your team.

This rule is pretty sweet when you see the payoff happen, and for most teams the payoff does indeed happen. Whether in the form of a couple dominating seasons as a winning squad or in the form of a championship, the point is that every dog gets his day—as a fan you just have to remain loyal… like a dog.

Side note: I really want a dog, like a little puppy to be a Mavericks fan with me.

Personally, I’ve basked in the glory with a championship team and I would wish that feeling on anyone, enemies included. It is so awesome knowing that all of the assignments that you put off, all the piles of buffalo wing skeletal remains, and almost drunken fights were worth it for a change.

But like all rules, somehow there are those who fall between the cracks and never get to see the payoff. Yes, you read correctly, there are teams and fan bases that never get to sit at the table of winners and champions.

Every stupid, made up superstition, every hour spent watching games in the west coast (if you don’t know the struggle of watching west coast games, think west coast time zone), and every gut wrenching loss amounts to nothing but heartaches and headaches. There is no grand prize at the end for them, and every optimistic ounce of B.S. they manage to muster up is nothing but another lie these use to continue on with life. If you have never heard a fan desperately trying to sell how much more improved their team will be in the coming season, and you know that they’re in complete denial, then good for you, because no one should have to see a man or woman in such agony.

I’ve seen good men fall victim to this type of pain and none have proven to be strong enough to cope with loss after loss, embarrassing season after embarrassing season, and heartbreak after heartbreak. For those individuals, losing is not something that happens every now and again, like rainbows and perfect naps, rather losing is an every day occurrence, like breathing and twerking. From the outside looking in, watching someone who only knows losses is very odd. I’m no fan of losing but based on the behavior of fans of losing franchises, those people are fans of losing. Something about losing multiple games a year in the final seconds, losing the rest of those games by blowout margins, and going to bed angry and betrayed causes these individuals to wear jerseys and eat Doritos to watch every game.

Their loyalty is something to be admired and pitied, so if you see someone wearing a hat or jersey of a really awful team, be respectful and don’t ask if they watched the game last night. Of course they watched they game, and they probably just came to terms with another loss. Instead, ask if they want to come over later and watch the game with you, fans of losing do better when they have a friend there to witness the spectacle along side them. Trust me, it is worth your time to watch a couple games of one of those franchises, because the ways in which they lose are never the same. Honestly, I might be a fan of losing considering how artistic and creative such teams lose; it’s impressive.


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