A Conversation with DJ Fool’s Gold

A Conversation with DJ Fool’s Gold- Eric Boshart

This article was featured in the Cuba Herald.

This is the story of Benny Benassi, or at least he liked to call himself that after the legendary DJ. His real name was DJ Fool’s Gold, or at least he liked to call himself that after hours of thinking of an original name that was easy to say so that when he became the world’s premier Discoelectroswingdowntempohousedubstepdrumandbass DJ, the brand new subgenre of Technodanceelectronica, it would come off the tip of the tongue.

His actual name? He forgot it when he was 8 after he dabbled in self-hypnosis and only woke up by a random chance that an eagle flew by his house screeching in Hebrew (why he chose this as his marker to release from the trance, no one will ever know). This happened when he was 12. For 4 years, he listened only to melodic beats from Benny Benassi, partly because he couldn’t move and his CD was scratched onto one song. When he awoke, he could only move to the beat and only talk in an electronic voice. His favorite word is “satisfaction,” and he makes sure to use it in every sentence.

When he became 18, he moved from Romania to Austin because of the live-music scene. He stated that it brought him great “satisfaction.” He began producing his beats in the basement of a Vegan sushi restaurant on the east side of Austin. He didn’t have any money, could not get hired because of his voice, and was eventually kicked out of the basement for making the sushi-rollers move to the beat pumping below their feet, forcing the sushi rolls to be oblong at best.

He then tried playing at “Hip Hop on the Hilltop” at St. Edward’s University, but the board explained to him that his beats were too violent for a Catholic institution.

At 19, he randomly picked up a gig at a German minimalist club in a Cold War bunker somewhere in Westlake. The owners of the bunker actually had no idea that Germans had occupied the bunker, for they never used it and the concrete was thick enough to contain the synthetic rampage brewing just a few feet below them.

DJ Fool’s Gold opened for a man named DJ Molekül, which in English is DJ Molecule. DJ Fool’s Gold explained to me that he named himself DJ Molekül because he thinks that in the end, we’re all just molecules, and he wants to show us that through bass drops.

DJ Fool’s Gold rocked the house (bunker), and it was the first time the owners actually heard the music. They called the police, and the German minimalist club was shut down because of DJ Fool’s Gold. Below is a sketch of his mugshot:


But his work didn’t go unnoticed, for a record label owner named Pauly Medina was at the club that night. Pauly approached DJ Fool’s Gold and asked him to play at a bar that he owned: Bar Cuba. Although Bar Cuba was known for housing famous bands such as Gypsy Kings and Buena Vista Social Club, Pauly created a special night just for DJ Fool’s Gold. His music was electrifying, and 7 people went to the hospital because of the ridiculous bass drop two hours into the show.

Cuban mob bosses were regulars at Bar Cuba, and they realized that DJ Fool’s Gold was a talent that Cuba had never heard before. After many cigars, hours of negotiations, and one too many mojitos, DJ Fool’s Gold agreed to fly with Pauly Medina to Havana for one week and see if his music would catch fire.

It did, and after one year, DJ Fool’s Gold is one of the most renowned DJ’s in all of southern central Havana. His most famous works include “Molecules, Molecules” and “Pauly Wanna Cracker,” the latter being in honor of his record label owner searching for an Anglo-Saxon wife.

If you’d like to hear his music, please call Pauly Medina at 1800-Moj-ito-time to set up a private listening (his music is not online; Pauly Medina doesn’t know how to use a computer).


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