2 Guns

2 Guns– Nick Fuentes

2 guns

Summer isn’t quite complete without a Mark Wahlberg action film to help beat the Texas heat. Throw Denzel Washington into the mix of it all and you have a double dose of badass, brought to you in the form of Baltasar Kormákur’s 2 Guns.

Corruption, drug lords and the necessity to have their names cleared are the driving forces that set the stage for a partnership between Washington and Wahlberg to take traction. Or at the very least sets the stage for their mutual dislike of the other to evolve into a worthwhile amount of laughs for the audience. As always, the fast talking macho man that Marky Mark excels at portraying has his place in the story with simplistic comedic relief and aggressive in your face action. While at the same time, Denzel reminds us why the world’s swagger is reserved for him and any character he portrays on the silver screen.

Darker lighting in the film revealed a rundown and underground aspect to a number of scenes, most of which took place during portions of the plot that were portraying the corruption of some of the story’s pivotal stakeholders. This darkening effect stood out mos as it shed light on an ever-present potential for a darker side to be unveiled within those we take orders from and those that are actually pulling the strings. Of course, for those of us who don’t care about the lighting, all the gun shots and emptying of clips created an effect of badass entertainment that I would recommend for any bromantic evening over frosty brews.

As a huge Wahlberg fan, this movie quickly jumps to the almost top of the list of favorite films of his, behind The Departed and The Other Guys. I think every Denzel movie is automatically everyone’s favorite movie, but this one stands out because it takes place in Texas and Mexico, has donuts at the center of the plot and gives Wash a “Wahl” to bounce one-liners off of… sorry I couldn’t help myself.

If you want high speed chases, gun fights, deception (dun, dun, dun), and Marky Mark, then you need to watch 2 Guns. The guys here at Fool’s Gold give 2 Guns twenty-three green sombreros out of thirty. Which, as it turns out, is equivalent to two muscular thumbs up.

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