Zach Busby

Zach Busby- Jana Horn


zach steps into

my car

i vomit in my mouth

               a little



when i am around him

everything dies

and surrounded

                 by the dead everything

and the juxtaposition of his eyelashes

i am so



we sit at waffle house

a beautiful girl orders a “strawberry topped waffle”

                  and suddenly

when juxtaposed with his eyelashes

and the chronically unimpressed waitress

and the tiny flakes of strawberry embedded in the previously frozen checkered bread product

i think




zach is the waffle

             where are the strawberries

i am suddenly

lost in

e  x  i  s  t  e  n  t  i  a  l  i  s  m

we walk outside

               zach gets back in my car

for some god-forsaken reason


i vomit




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