Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes- Eric Boshart

This week, we wanted to establish some much-needed ethos for our writers and sketch artist, so, after drawing names from a hat, we decided on which person to write about. This theme is more for us, but just play along.

I got Nick Fuentes, our Assistant Editor and co-founder. Nick is an enigma, and that’s good for Fool’s Gold. Why, you ask? Well let’s get some background first.

When I met Nick freshman year, he was a budding and bald comedian. There’s nothing you could say that couldn’t be turned into a comic situation. His jokes were often over-stretched, but you always saw the light at the end of his figurative tunnel sooner or later. I met him in a Freshman Studies class; I think he sat next to me, fell asleep, woke up at the end, and then asked for my notes. It was a friendship waiting to happen.

I learned early on that he’s a man of his word, so when he says he’s not getting up from the couch to work on your group project, he means it. But after seeing that we had the same group of friends and that we were both in the business school, we realized we pretty much couldn’t get away from each other. Since we knew this friend thing was inevitable, we gave it a stab. We almost killed it, but we still hang to this day.


Over the years, more than anything, I’ve seen the alcoholism get the best of him, but he always manages to literally get up from his slumber and keep churning. I’ve also seen him grow hair, which is still something I’m learning how to deal with. He likes the Mavericks a little too much and never ceases to complain about Obamacare, two things also true about his hair.

He’s always walking down the road that hasn’t been walked on, and that’s usually a bad thing. The beaten path is beaten for a reason, Nick. But that’s also the reason why he decided to jump on board Fool’s Gold. His contribution to Fool’s Gold includes his great fiction pieces, his wisdom on irrelevant issues, and his ability to create our tone via Twitter.

I couldn’t have done Fool’s Gold without him, so if you see him around campus, say, “Thanks for your work,” “Hey! Nice hair,” or “Go to an AA meeting.”


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