Louis C.K.

Louis C.K.- Zach Busby

Pay some respect to the best in the game, my homies. Or just pay me anything; I would love to eat something this week. Louis C.K. may feed my hunger for laughter, but I need something a little more substantial than that. Sure, you can accuse me of writing about the most popular stand-up comedian to get more traffic for my underwhelming Comedian Bio section, but I can also accuse you of wasting your time reading words that my caffeine-led fingers fling unto a dim laptop screen. But enough pointing fingers. Let’s talk about the comedian.

The only people that haven’t heard of Louis C.K. probably are those cereal eaters that Dexter used to kill (that’s what that show was about, right?). The point is, they are sick in the head. Their ignorance of Louis most definitely stems from the fact that they had no real friends to tell them of his greatness, so they had to turn to Tony the Tiger, and we all know where that path leads to: diabetes. Not making light of diabetes at all, but there is a correlation between people who eat high octane amounts of sugar and people who don’t stop eating when the meal is over, they stop when they hate themselves (this is according to research that I’ll never do).

I firmly believe that people need Louis in their lives. He has changed my perspective on many things, and has forced me to become a much more honest, self-loathing person, just like we all should be. I do not condone illegal downloading (wink), but let’s say that it wasn’t 2013, it was like, the 90s, and you have never heard a joke by C.K.. Then I would personally break into your house, download Napster on your dial-up computer, wait there for 4 weeks for that 2 minute .wav to download despite being forced to restart every time your landline rang, all just so you can hear this man talk. That’s how important he is.


While doing research for this post, (yeah I do research, as if this were a paying job) I watched all of C.K.’s stand up sets, and I have concluded that “Oh My God” is my favorite. The amount of cynicism that emits from his mouth hole in this, his latest special, is so abundant that it’s overbearingly hilarious. And yeah, I said hilarious, because it is. I’m not just reaching for the top shelf here, I freaking mean that. I mean that so much, I wish I was allowed to use the real f-word instead of freaking. So instead, I’m just going to keep saying “f-word” for the remainder of this article, so you all can get a clear picture of what I really f-word want to say.

Did you know that this comedic genius has his own f-word show? Yeah, how f-word great is that? It’s called Louie, and it is the best show since Seinfeld in my completely non-humble opinion. If you know anything about me, or can just safely assume from the fact that I’m a white comedy writer at a liberal arts school, you know that I f-word love Seinfeld. So this is some high praise coming from me. Louie is TV perfection because C.K. made it for the right reason: to make TV better for his mother. If you are one of those people who claim that you don’t watch TV because you are too busy, but yet you are reading this article, then you should go back to pretending you actually like soy lattes, you douche.

If you were to ever actually watch one of these videos I post, you should watch this one. Louis C.K. brings his own sense of humor to Conan, which, if you’re doing the math at home, adds up to one sense of humor.


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