Jim Jefferies

Jim Jefferies- Zach Busby


Jim is a true gem and is more than likely the reason that Australia even exists. It always amazes me who is famous and who isn’t. Jefferies is a transcendent comedian whose material is incredibly abrasive, but yet he is also a name that the public does not recognize nearly enough. I pride myself in a lot of stuff, some would argue too much, but most would argue not enough; I fall somewhere in the middle. One thing I do pride myself in is my immense knowledge of stand-up comedians and my ineptitude when it comes to honoring modifiers that I choose to begin my sentences with. Nevertheless, I think my endorsement of any comedian is something to be taken as serious as my ability to end a sentence at the perfect. Moment.

Jim Jefferies would probably respect how my endorsement of his comedy also can be interpreted as a self-indulgent rant about the amazing hubris I have when it comes to the subject of me.

Jefferies comedic style is irreverently refreshing. The pull-no-punches approach he takes truly electrifies his act and gives his audience a taste of pure comedy. I first experienced his comedy when I drunkenly chose the wrong thing on Netflix, placed the remote too far away from my couch, and then took a seat on said couch. After I realized my folly, I concluded that my laziness should take precedence over my desire to finally start watching Firefly (which I have still yet to do). In my inebriation-induced state of lazy wonder, I broadened my comedic horizons whilst ordering a pizza from Dominos in a shockingly impressive feux-Australian accent. This night was fresh on my mind the next day when I discovered his television show Legit on FX.

I binged watched the entire first season in one day, and as a result, found what comedy truly meant to me: being a comedian is a philosophical stance to take in a world full of disappointment and heartbreak. It is leaning your head a little to the left to process life in a different way. It is making happiness and laughter the imperative effect you want to have on those around you, as well as on yourself. Being a comedian is a way to survive, and a way to help those around you do the same.


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